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Dedicated to Helping You Thrive!

tT3Media produces high-end marketing materials – HD Video Production, Still Photography & 360° Virtual Tours which gives business’s we work the tools they need to stand out from the crowd. We make it our mission to ensure that our services work hard for you. By leaving the marketing to us, we are essentially giving you back your valuable time which enables you to run your company more effectively. We provide you with marketing materials that synergistically work alongside your company.

Our goal is to do whatever we can to ensure your business succeeds. We do a great job providing you with the necessary marketing materials you need to reach your current audience more effectively, as well as expand on that reach… Our purpose is to give you the tools you need to succeed.



Make Our Strengths Your Strengths

We specialize in a variety of marketing products that highlight your companies goals & strengths. Whatever it is you are needing to advertise, our media products are great tools to help you achieve and often times exceed those goals. Having great content for your audience is key in getting them to engage with — and inevitably gain trust in your company.


Engagement is instant with Photography. Audiences are largely distracted with the overwhelming competition for their attention and eyeballs. Gain their attention instantly with beautiful photography. Get your thousand words in one shot. Basically… Do it better than any of your competitors. We can help with that.

Video Production

Once you have your audience’s attention, solidifying your pitch with beautifully shot and edited video is the next step. Viewers will be captivated with cinematic imagery, seamless editing and professionally scored sound; all combined to create a story that is more engaging than any other marketing service.

360 Virtual Tours

Give your audience another avenue in which to engage with you. Show them your place of business in an immersive virtual tour. Our high quality 360° Virtual Tours are painstakingly edited to ensure the highest level of quality which in-turn results in audience retention.

Copy Writing

Beautiful content paired with perfectly executed copy is not only a powerful combination but absolutely necessary when dealing with a higher pedigree of clients. Well written copy is essential in completing the story.


We are proud and honored to offer our services to business’s in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have often traveled outside the state to help other companies realize their goals, but always enjoying the work we do here in our home state.

We have been in business since 2006 and plan to continue working in New Mexico for MANY years to come.

We offer our services to clients who insist on high quality marketing production in many different fields such as: Hotels, Luxury Real Estate Brokerages and Realtors, Bed & Breakfasts, Architects, Designers, Staging Companies, Leasing Agencies, Clothing Boutiques, Restaurants, Fine Art Galleries, Government Agencies and many more.

Hard work, consistently executed and beautiful marketing materials, along with great customer service have earned us respect within our tight-nit community and we dedicate ourselves to ensure our reputation is one we can be proud of. We are confident that we can accommodate any size job you might have and execute it with professionalism and creativity.

High End Marketing Services

- Video Production
- Still Photography
- 360° Virtual Tours
- Copy Writing
- Aerial Photography


Of offering our high-end marketing materials to our clients. We have a good understanding of our clients needs and have a good grasp of managing and exceeding their expectations.

Returning Clients

Happy/Returning/Referring clients that trust us with their projects because they know the product(s) are delivered on time, and consistently beautiful.


We LOVE what we do for a living. We are passionate about our work and more passionate about helping others succeed in their goals. Only regret is we didn’t find our passion sooner. ;)

Our team

Jonathan Tercero
Jonathan Tercero

Jonathan has been a professional photographer and cinematographer for over 8 years, honing his skills by working for many different types of clients. Jonathan is well known for his architectural and portrait work, and brings an experienced eye to every project.

Alex Ignacio
Alex Ignacio
Marketing & Creative Strategy

As an accomplished editorial photographer Alex takes the lead on event and food photography. He also focuses on developing engaging methods for our clients to share their story online. A self-taught web designer, Alex oversees the online operations.